Change - a cooperative process Brenntag CEE explores new ways

In an ever changing global market Corporations find themselves under continuous demand for change and adaptation to secure their economic successes. Brenntag is the world leader in distribution for the chemical industry active in the most divers markets and regions. When looking for concepts for continuous development of Excellence Brenntag is exploring new ways.

Instead of hiring the usual external consultant with their pre-designed concept where the employees only have the responsibility to implement the ideas and concepts of others, Brenntag CEE wanted to engage their people from the very beginning. Nobody knows their markets and regions better than the managers responsible for their markets. Together with Dr. Thomas R. Henschel - CEO of SIGNET - Cooperative Communication in Business - Brenntag CEE developed an approach, which engaged the Managers from the very beginning. In a first workshop the senior management developed a strategy for a continuous improvement of the commercial excellence at Brenntag CEE. Build on those pillars a kick-off workshop was designed in which the Country Heads would discuss the ideas and concepts and start to work on an implementation strategy. After 1,5 days 11 action plans had been designed and since the responsible managers had created them by themselves responsibilities and implementation are ensured. 

The SIGNET WAY OF CHANGE creates a better quality of change concepts and does not create resistance of management and employees, most likely to experience with usual top down approaches. SIGNET takes the expertise of the employees serious and engages them actively in the change process as early as possible. Management and employees are benefitting from the ideas and experiences of others and together they develop - under the constant moderation of SIGNET - the best possible concept. An efficient and effective consultancy approach. It demonstrates how effective well facilitated cooperation can be  in creating value out of diversity. CEE Brenntag benefited extremely and is well equipped for the challenges of an ever changing market.