Puma - HR fit for Mediation Academy for Mediation offers a special training for HR

 Dr. Thomas R. Henschel, Director of the Academy of Mediation, conducted a specialy designed training for HR with PUMA SE. Diversity and Conflicts are a daily challenge in every company. PUMA was looking for alternative ways of conflict resolution as an integrated part of their HR policy. Mediation became a key competency at PUMA.

PUMA invests strategically in talent developments of its employees. With the Academy of Mediation PUMA has found an international experienced partner in its endeavor to become forever faster. Just now the whole HR Department has completed a specially designed training in Business Mediation in Herzogenaurach. The training was conceptualized and facilitated by Dr. Thomas R. Henschel, scientific Director and founder of the Academy of Mediation

Now HR can improve its internal consulting activities by utilizing the new competencies in Mediation. First successes were not long in coming. Mediation helps the HR Business Partners to deal constructively with diversity and conflicts. Instead of wasting vast resources of time and money PUMA now can create more value out of diversity. Puma secures with Mediation its innovative edge, boosts its efficiency and is becoming more attractive for the best talents. All three pillars of economic success are fostered by Mediation. For HR the training was a outstanding experience. Roman Klein, deputy director and initiator of the training, and Dietmar Knoess, the head of HR at PUMA, have been impressed by the excitement of their direct reports for Mediation. 

One participant summarized her experience at the end of the training: "This training showed me, how I can use my potentials much better for my Business Partners. I got so many valuable new insights helping me to deal with diversity and conflicts much more professional. I'm deeply impressed about the potential and the impact by Mediation for our Business. It was one of the best trainings I've ever been."