Personal, Efficient, Cooperative

Consulting is a sensitive process. It must be as flexible as you and the market today. Classical consultation is giving advises and tells you what you should do. My approach is different: By exploring different perspectives I support you to create the future you always wanted to build. You will find a comprehensive support in me, challenging your thinking, behavior and leading patterns. Change starts with you - an adventure, challenging, efficient and enjoyable. 

Expertise: Business Mediation (Creating Value out of Conflicts), Strategy Development, Multi-Stake-Holder Dialog, Moderation, Business Succession

Strategy Development

In an ever changing world less time is spend for strategic reflection. Managers, Entrepreneurs both in international corporation and in SME are spending most of their precious time in operative business matters. But those who are without a strategy will face serious problems in a world, that creates new challenges every day.

Having a good strategy is paramount for long lasting business success. No matter if you are the new kid on the block with a great business idea or if you are an experienced senior managers or entrepreneur - without a strategy nothing will really work out.

Strategy Development is as individual as you are. Together we will create knowledge based solutions, by defining your goals that will fulfill exactly your criteria for success and we will not stop until you'll have an action plan that guarantees that you will realize your business.

Business Mediation Create value out of conflicts

Conflicts are inevitable. Even the most peaceful people can become part of a conflict. If the conflict partners can not find a solution by themselves they have to look for alternative ways to solve their conflict. Going to court is such an alternative but is it the most effective way? Mediation offers a different way to find a solution without delegating the decision to a third party. If you want to stay in the driver seat while finding a solution, than Mediation is your choice. Mediation offers you the opportunity to stay in control und to get what you really want.

Mediation: Creating value out of Conflict

Mediation is a structured process in which the parties - supported by an impartial Mediator - will create interest orientated solutions by themselves. The mediator lacks the power of decision making. Mediation assumes that the parties are the best knowledgeable experts for their conflict and that they are holding the key for a solution. It is the conflict itself that hinders them to find a solution. Mediation provides a structure and a process that helps the parties to get again access to their resources and by understanding themselves better, the others and the context of the conflict to create solutions that best meet their interests. In a mediation everybody wins because we are not playing the win-lose-game.

My competence and experience for your solution

In me you will find the expert you need for a professional mediation.

With more than 15 years of experience I am one of the most distinct Business Mediators in Germany.  My experience ranges from SME, Team-Conflicts in Corporations, Board-Member Conflicts, Multi-Stake-Hoder Dialogs and international conflicts both in business and politics.

Expertice: Among my last mediations are a mayor change process in an international company, a multi-stake-holder dialog in the textile business, the Mediation between 4 Board Members and a Mediation of a Team-Conflict as well as a Conflict between two Senior Managers in an international corporation. 

Facilitation of Conferences - Moderation

Conferences are an enormous effort of resources and time and budget. You do not want to waste any of this. Therefor let my support you. With more than 20 years of experience in conceptualizing, organizing and facilitating Conferences and Workshops - both national and international - you will get exactly the event you wanted to have.

For your professional Conference contact us. SIGNET GmbH u. Co KG for advanced thinking in Economy: +49 (0)30 - 78712938 or send me an e-mail: