Cooperation between MAB and the International Mediation Center in Warsaw International exchange of experience between prestigious mediation centers in Europe

The  Mediationsakademie Berlin (MAB) became a partner of the International Mediation Centre (IMC) established in Poland by the International Chambers of Commerce. On 26th June 2015 during official ceremony Mrs Ewelina Stobiecka, PhD, the initiator and coordinator of the IMC, managing partner in TaylorWessing e|n|w|c and Mr Thomas R. Henschel, PhD, Director and founder of MAB signed the partnership declaration.

The link between these two prestigious mediation centres will be based on the exchange of international experience, content related support, common projects including promotion of mediation as one of the most effective commercial dispute resolution methods, as well as disputes within companies themselves. 

Mediationsakademie Berlin is one of the most renowned mediation institutes in Germany and Europe. The Academy was established in 2001 by Dr Thomas R. Henschel as a solution for the growing need for new and more effective methods of handling problems and conflicts in business. The MAB’s mediation concept is based on experience drawn from various council projects conducted in Europe, Asia, the USA and Latin America by Dr Henschel. The MAB’s team conducts workshops for mediators and scientific projects, which aim to develop economics and establish the role of mediation in business.  

„I'm excited about the collaboration with International Mediation Centre in Warsaw. The German-Polish-Dialog is crucial not only for our countries but for the whole of Europe. The way societies and countries are dealing with disputes is an important seismograph for the development of a civic society. Therefore the Mediationacademie in his cooperation with Warsaw will use the potential of mediation to develop further cooperative business solutions that will also empower the civic society.”- commented Dr. Thomas R. Henschel. 

One of Dr Henschel’s current projects is the mediation of a Multi-Stake-Holder Dialogue for voluntary social standards in the textile industry supported by the Federal Government of Germany. Dr Henschel held a workshop for the senior managers for international corporation in Leadership and Conflict Management in Buenos Aires, he also trained high ranking judges from civil courts in Egypt on behalf of the German Foreign Ministry and the Egyptian Ministry of Justice. Dr Henschel has also conducted several in-house training sessions for such companies as Siemens, Bayer AG, NOERR, PUMA SE i Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. 

“I am confident that our cooperation, exchange of experience and knowledge will facilitate promotion of commercial mediation in Poland as one of the most effective dispute resolution methods in business. This is a crucial period in Poland for such cooperation due to the fact that the Act on promotion of out of court dispute resolution methods prepared by the Polish Ministry of Economy in cooperation with Ministry of Justice is currently proceeding in Polish Parliament” said Mrs Ewelina Stobiecka, PhD on the cooperation with Mediationsakademie. 

“Signing the partnership declaration with Mediationsakademie is very good news for investors, who are members of our chambers. As a result the IMC is able to offer to entrepreneurs the best standards in business mediation along with access to international mediators. Thereby the IMC implements its mission which is to provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to mediate in various languages both on a domestic and international level” – summarized Joanna Jaroch-Pszeniczna Deputy Director at French Chamber of Commerce in Poland and Chairman of the IMC Council.